Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Ryan Record!

  • "All eyes of the world markets are here on congress.  It's a heavy load to bury.  It's a heavy load to bear."  Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan in his own words, begging his comrades to pass the bail out.  Just think this is the guy who is a "tea party" hero, and preaches less government?  

Then there is Ryans record of voting YES:

Ryan's record of voting NO:

And Paul Ryan's ridiculous budget:


  1. Need to add the label 21st century Demagogue..maybe with a comparison picture of WI politician McCarthy ...has the same hairdo, same party, same liar tactics - gee could be a relative ?

    ..nice page!

  2. Heads up: the Wikipedia page on Paul ryan has been a virtual battlefield, with Whitewashers battling Tarnishers tooth and nail. Just click the Talk or History tabs, this may be some of the best reading on this subject to be found.