Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ryan's Mountain Climbing Prowess, Record, Get Clarified

The numbers guy strikes again.
’s presidential campaign today released a statement, saying that vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan did not climb nearly 40 of Colorado’s fourteeners, but climbed nearly 40 climbs on 28 different peaks.
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  1. I'm still skeptical as to what he's defining as a climb. I have to climb out of bed each day, and that's actually a descent of 2.04 feet.

    The actual truth has become irrelevant, if even the explanation above proves to be incorrect.
    Mr. Ryan has changed what his name means in a very short time.

    The remaining question is how much the GOP brand will be damaged in defending him and condoning political lies in general.

    1. I think its quite odd that there are no summit pictures of Paul Ryan. I'd think we'd be swimming in them, if his stories had any veracity.
      That's an awful lot of times to forget a camera.


    The best analysis of Paul Ryan's 14ers claim. Look for Rick's comment on 09/07/2012, @ 7:52 AM. Rick is a climber from Boulder, CO.