Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Poor Paul Ryan: First $350 wine, and now $4 gasoline

Poor Paul Ryan. He has to pay $350 a bottle for wine, and now it costs more than $75 to fill up his gas-guzzler. What next?

By the way, his story of not being able to fill his tank on a credit card sounds vaguely familiar. Is this recycled from an earlier year?

Paul Mulshine in the New Jersey Star Ledger says Ryan doesn't seem to understand how the free market works.

But what does Rycan care, as long as he and his GOP cronies can blame it all on President Obama?

Here's Mulshine:
...[I]magine that the U.S. really did have a goal of achieving energy independence. Say goodbye to that big SUV, congressman. You won't be able to afford it on your salary. Gas prices would have to double because of the massive taxes imposed to discourage consumption. That's what the British did, and it worked like a charm - assuming of course you don't mind $8-a-gallon gas and small, fuel-efficient vehicles.
But it's one or the other. If you want to drive a big vehicle, then just tell the voters there's nothing particularly bad about importing oil. We import a lot of other products as well. 

But if you want to drive a big SUV on ski trips, don't whine when the world price for oil rises. You're going to have to import a lot of it to keep that gas-guzzler on the road.

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