Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New round of reviews for Ryan's budget: "Total garbage'

The early reviews of Paul Ryan's 2012 budget plan were dreadful, and the second round isn't any better. A quick roundup:

David Grant, of the Christian Science Monitor, says Ryan learned a few things after his 2011 budget ran into so much flak and frightened Republican candidates:
Ryan 2011 sounded like a graduate thesis on statistical steroids. Ryan 2012 is like an 80-page campaign commercial.
Dean Baker, writing for Huffington Post, says Ryan's budget isn't worthless; it can always serve as a bad example:
By throwing a piece of total garbage on the table and pretending it is a real budget plan, he allowed us to see who in Washington is serious about the budget and who just says things that will push their agenda. 
It is easy to see that Ryan himself could not possibly be serious about the document he put out as a "Path to Prosperity."
And Jonathan Bernstein of the Washington Post agrees that Ryan's not serious:
There’s no one quite like Paul Ryan out there. All of his budgetary bluff and bluster, which he fails to back up with actual numbers and actual choices, while simultaneously insisting that his proposals be recognized as courageous and unusually serious — no one else dares attempt such a thing.
The amazing thing is that House Republicans will no doubt pass it, safe in knowing it will never become law, then blame the Democrats in the Senate for not passing a budget.

Paul Ryan: Boy genius or big windbag? You decide.

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