Sunday, March 18, 2012

A challenge to DCCC to actually help Rob Zerban defeat Paul Ryan

Howie Klein, of the Down With Tyranny blog and Blue America PAC, calls out the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for failing to help Rob Zerban in his underdog campaign to defeat Paul Ryan:
The DCCC loves using Republican cartoonish arch-villains as whipping boys. They're always sending out press releases and even putting together ads attacking the worst GOP figures, particularly Cantor, Boehner and Ryan. But they don't actually do anything about defeating any of them at the polls.... 
And this year, when Ryan finally does have a serious opponent, Rob Zerban, what does the DCCC do? Kick back and issue press releases about how awful Paul Ryan's Medicare-killing plans are-- to the media everywhere in America. But take on Ryan directly? Or even help Zerban go after Ryan? Don't be silly....  
I challenge the DCCC to help Rob Zerban actually beat Paul Ryan and put an end to the gravest threat facing the American middle class. If the DCCC writes a check to Zerban's campaign this week for $5,000, Blue America will match it, dollar for dollar. Come on, big shots. What about you, Israel? Crowley? Wasserman Schultz? Let's see a DCCC check for Rob Zerban's campaign to actually put an end to Ryan's career instead of all the bullshit sending petitions to Republicans so they have something to laugh about.
Tough talk. How about it, DCCC?

Read it all here.

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  1. I have been writing WISCONSIN FIRST to all DCCC donation requests and returning them with no donation.
    We need to institute PREFERENTIAL VOTING... until then few will notice voices along the spectrum of public opinion.... Now we don't always vote for our first choices for fear of giving the election to those we absolutely fear. When we can vote for our first choice... maybe the DCCC will listen when the green party or some other gets lots of first choice votes.