Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ryan to endorse consevatives in primaries; What's that mean for Tommy Thompson?

 The Daily Caller reports:
Republican House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan says he’s on a mission to help elect “more conservatives in Congress to save the country” and plans to endorse in congressional races where there are “clear cut cases between reformers and career people.”
“We’re going to try to get behind people who are coming here to save the country and fight for limited government and economic freedom,” Ryan said in an interview with The Daily Caller about his political action committee, Prosperity PAC.
In a memo obtained by TheDC, the Wisconsin congressman plans to ask supporters to donate to his Prosperity PAC to help elect members of Congress “who aren’t afraid to make the tough, but necessary, decisions to secure our fiscal future, and, when necessary.”
In Wisconsin, what will that mean for Tommy G. Thompson, the career politician who is the most moderate candidate in a Republican U.S. Senate primary that includes Mark Neumann and Jeff Fitzgerald, both well to the right of Thompson. Fitzgerald's announcement used Ryan's template and the same buzz words:
"In Wisconsin I led the Assembly to a balanced budget in face of fierce opposition from the status quo," Fitzgerald said in a statement. "I would be honored to lead a new reform movement in Washington."
Thompson already has drawn fire -- and negative television commercials -- from the national right wing Club for Growth organization, which finds him far too liberal. Will Ryan join the right wingers trashing Tommy? Or will he duck an endorsement, as he's doing in the race for the GOP presidential nomination, saying his fund-raising role for the party keeps him from expressing his opinion?

That's not what a courageous conservative would do, is it?

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