Monday, May 7, 2012

Ryan: Government that helps women is "creepy"

In Paul Ryan's oddly organized mind, public programs that seek to address women's inequality are "big government" Obama-centric efforts at overreach and control. And that's "demeaning," says Ryan, because it implies women can't run their own lives without help.

Well of course they can't, not when creeps like Ryan vote to take away their control over their own bodies, allow pay inequities to continue, and more. Of course, in the Ryan-o-verse, when it comes to giving rich people like himeelf big tax cuts, or giving huge public subsidies to profitable corporations, well, that's not big government nor is it intrusive or demeaning -- much less creepy. It's wholly justifiable, because it creates profits that trickle down to the nation's disadvantage, including many women.

Hasn't this uber-social darwinist ever taken a minute to read newspapers or watch an episode of "Law and Order: SVU"? In Ryan's mind, women (and probably black Americans and others) don't need any special consideration or assistance, because they should be allowed to remain "free." His kind of policies fathered the problem, but he's against paternalism. DailyKos blog post lays it all out:

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