Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ryan's constant complaints about no budget exposed as phony

Paul Ryan complains, almost on a daily basis, that it is now more than 1,000 days since the U.S. Senate passed a federal budget. He makes it sound like dereliction of duty, and it plays pretty well with Fox News and other media outlets.

He must have been surprised when the Eau Claire Leader Telegram, covering his recent visit to its city, did some homework and included this in its story by McLean Bennett:

Senate Democrats have contested Ryan's and other Republicans' claims they haven't approved a budget in so long.

"That is just absolutely wrong," Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., said in a recent speech, refuting claims the Senate hasn't passed a budget in more than 2½ years. (A video of Conrad's speech is posted to the Senate Budget Committee's website, budget.senate.gov. Conrad chairs that committee.)

In his speech, Conrad noted senators in August approved what was known as the Budget Control Act.

"The Budget Control Act contains the budget for this year and for next year," Conrad said.

Bennett committed an act of journalism, actually doing some reporting instead of just stenography. Perhaps it will inspire others to do likewise.

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  1. Nevertheless, Politifact Wisconsin is still pushing the meme, giving Ryan a "mostly true" for his ravings. See: