Sunday, December 30, 2012

Whitewashing Private Ryan

Stories in today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel demonstrate that even after his disgraceful run for VP, Paul Ryan continues to never be wrong in the eyes of some in his hometown media – even when he clearly is.

Ryan's casual (actually, non-existent) relationship with the truth -- and the media inattention to it -- continues.

A PolitiFact Wisconsin story today analyzed this Ryan statement:

"Over $1 trillion" was spent on anti-poverty programs in 2011, enough to "give every single poor American a check for $22,000."

And PolitiFact Wisconsin’s ranking of Ryan on this? “Half True.”

Our grade of Ryan's truthfulness and of PolitiFact Wisconsin’s ranking of Ryan's statement? We give them both a “Pants on Fire.”

PolitiFact's own analysis of the Ryan statement proves Ryan's lack of veracity. PolitiFact’s analysis concludes:

As a sweeping statement, Ryan’s claim is partially accurate, in that roughly $1 trillion was spent on means-tested programs, and if you divided that by the number of people living in poverty, it would amount to roughly $22,000 per person. 
But Ryan mixes apples and oranges, in that the $1 trillion is actually spent on far more people than the 46 million counted as living in poverty. Moreover, much of the money goes to institutions, such as nursing homes and schools, and not directly into the pockets of the poor. [EMPHASIS ADDED]

PolitiFact itself is saying Ryan greatly exaggerated how much was spent on anti-poverty programs and how much of that lower amount goes directly to the poor. He was wrong on both counts. And PolitiFact somehow finds this "half true."

To continue the Ryan whitewash trend, columnist and former Journal Sentinel political writer Steven Walters today calls Ryan a Wisconsin political “winner” of 2013.

Really? Ryan didn't get elected vice-president, the GOP presidential ticket lost his home state and even his own Congressional district, and he did his worst ever in his own Congressional race.

Sure, he’s a household name thanks to the presidential race. But that’s not a good thing. Among most people, he’s a national joke. Show-off photos of him lifting weights, exaggerating (note the trend here on exaggerating) his marathon time, numbers that don’t add up, whiney rabid-dog attacks in speech after speech:  And did we mention -- he didn't get elected vice-president. All this makes Ryan badly tarnished goods.

Don’t believe us? He was once allegedly the D.C. budget expert. And now, where is he on helping prevent or talking for the GOP on the fiscal cliff crisis? Nowhere. What are his chances of being elected president in 2016? We wouldn't bet on him.

Face it, homer media: Ryan has had his day in the sun. Like Icaras, the heat didn't benefit him.

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