Friday, July 20, 2012

Ryan rolling in dough; Where'd he get it? One guess


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports Paul Ryan's among the top five U.S. House candidates nationally in money raised with $4.2 million during the current two-year election cycle.

He's never had a close race since winning the seat in 1998 and has been amassing the money for years.  Is $5-million enough to buy the vice-presidential nomination?

Ryan also raised $4.3 million in 2011-'12 for his political action committee, Prosperity PAC and  helped the Republican National Committee raise $21 million as head of a party fundraising
effort known as the Presidential Trust .

Ryan credited “grassroots …It’s the budget. … It's all because of our message. The country is so
ready to be talked to like adults. … When they see you getting shot at, they like you even more. Each quarter it grows."

When you look at Open Secrets and see where Ryan's money comes from, it ain't exactly the grassroots. Check this "profile of his fundraising.

You'll find the top sources of his money are people and PACs from the insurance industry, securities and investment firms, health care professionals, and manufacturers. Grassroots indeed. Six million dollars -- 36 per cent of every dollar he's raised in his career -- comes from special interest political action committees.

Here's the Journal Sentinel story.

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